Social Committee Announces Initial Connections

The newly formed Social Committee announced last month that it was launching two Facebook groups.  Their goal is to connect interested Owners with each other.

Today, they announced:

Hello fellow Las Mananitas Homeowners,

We are April Serrins and Nina Barber.  Both of us are fairly new LM  homeowners, but have lived in the San Jose area for many, many years.

Our experience has been living in other beachfront communities where we enjoyed good communication, social events and just a general feeling of community.  Our hope is to try and bring a little of that to you.

The “Social Committee” was formed as a vehicle for fostering a sense of community here at Las Manananitas. I should let you know neither of us see ourselves as event organizers. Although we may do that from time to time, we'd rather provide pathways to connect and share information.

Yes, we have Associa's and also Las but we also know that some of you do not log into those frequently.  Our goal is to give you something so you can easily see and share information.

One platform we have created is a “Las Mananitas Owners Group” Facebook page.  (Check it out and JOIN!)  We have found through experience this platform works really well at getting information out very quickly.

We also have started a second Facebook group -- for family, friends, renters and guests as well as owners.  Join that one, too!

We want to be inclusive, we want to share, and we want it to be easy.  Nothing fancy, nothing complicated.  We will however not allow any platform for airing grievances, bullying, or anything political in nature.  Practice kindness and helpfulness.  This is SOCIAL not governance, not the forum for complaints, and not part of the administration.  Both Facebook groups and the bulletin board will be strictly monitored

Our hope is folks will find one of these platforms easy to share stuff like:

  • Card game meetups
  • Tennis or Pickleball partners needed
  • Razor rides to the East Cape
  • Pool Exercises
  • Selling my vehicle
  • Having a fish fry, bring something to share
  • I have space in my condo to rent

We want to encourage participation.  This means, from time to time you may want to participate on an organizing committee or be more involved as a representative from your  building.  If you have ideas or input please feel free to reach out to either  of us at or