This is the main page linking to resources for buying, selling, using and renting garages at Las Mañanitas.  This is an informal summary of the regime declaration and is not controlling. (The regime declaration and the Administrator's Rules are the legally controlling documents.)

Ownership.  Garages at Las Mañanitas are shown on the main map in orange buildings.   Garages may only be owned by Owners of Units in Las Mañanitas, and attempted transfers to third parties is null and void.

Like the Units themselves, each garage is sold as a condominium unit where the "Garage Owner" solely owns the "white box" of space inside the walls, floor slab, ceiling and garage door, and "co-owns" the building walls, slabs, roof along with the other Garage Owners for that Phase.  Just like how all the Unit Owners in Phase II, for example, "co-own" the Phase II building -- and pay into a reserves account for that building, the Garage Owners for all garages in Phase II pay into a reserves account for the garage buildings of Phase II.  The ownership of a garage is separately taxed (c.f., cadastral) and separately deeded.

The doors and door opening mechanism are the financial responsibility of the Garage Owner, but they are under the strict control and specification of the Architectural Committee.

Use Restrictions.  The regime declaration for each Phase restricts the use of garages to the storage of motor vehicles.  No commercial activities are allowed, nor is leaving the garage doors open unattended permitted.  See details in the garage sale policy, especially, paragraph 2.b.

Renting.  Units may only be rented to other Owners in Las Mañanitas

Selling.  Units may only be sold to other Owners in Las Mañanitas (or to people under binding contract to buy in Las Mañanitas and subject to that contract).

Buying; Waiting List.  If you are an Owner in Las Mañanitas and would like to buy a garage, you can add your name to the Waiting List.  The Waiting List will be kept in chronological order.  The HOA keeps this list only as an informational resource to assist the Las Mañanitas Owners in matching buyers and sellers; it provides no brokerage or other services.

Garage Owners (including the HOA, which owns some of the garages) who wish to sell their garages may contact those on the Waiting List and seek to negotiate a private transaction.  If the HOA is the seller, the Board will set an offer price equal to the then-current fair market value and make offers pursuant to the garage sale policy especially, paragraph 2.c.