HOA fees are charged in US dollars, due twice a year, in advance: January 1 and July 1.

They are considered "late" if not paid by January 15th and July 15th.  Late fees are nasty; please don't be late!

There are several ways to pay:

Tips For Canadian Owners:
  • If mailing a check, allow at least a week, as the US postal system is quite slow.
  • If wiring CAD --> USD, ensure that the received amount, net of fees, is correct.
  • If using Xoom or another e-transfer firm, you may need to pay BBVA in MXN.  See "Paying In Mexican Pesos (MXN)" below.
  1. Make Online Payments - go to the Accounts section on your TownSq account page (TownSq.io), and click on "Make a payment."  You can use your checking account (routing number and account number) or a credit card.  Note: Using your bank account is nearly free, but the credit card is subject to a noticeable "convenience fee."   (See "Using TownSquare" if you need help logging into TownSq.)
  2. Use Associa's "Automatic Payments" service.  Our financial manager, Associa Mexico, offers a service where they will automatically charge any outstanding fees to your bank account each January and July until you revoke that permission.  Email them at bc@associamexico.com to get the form, which you'll need to mail or scan/email to them with a voided check from your bank account.
  3. Send Check by Mail or Billpay Service - Make payable to Las Mañanitas HOA, and mail to:
    Las Mañanitas HOA
    c/o Associa Mexico
    PO Box 64234
    Phoenix, AZ 85082-4234
    • Please include your seven-digit account number, which can be found on your billing statement, coupon book or your account page on the TownSq site.  (See "Using TownSq" if you need help logging in.)

      Note: USPS is still quite slow; if using mail, please mail as early as possible to avoid late fees.

  4. Deliver Check physically - to the local Associa office here in San Jose del Cabo.  (It's across the road from the Fresko near Km 24.5 Transpeninsular Highway; big white building with Associa sign on the second floor.)  Note: checks only; no cash accepted.
  5. Make Wire Transfer.
    Bank: BBVA Bancomer Mexico, SA
    Sucursal (Branch): 1740 Centro PYME Baja California Sur
    Bank Address:
          Isabel la Catolica S/N
          Col. Centro, Plaza La Paz
          San Jose del Cabo, BCS 23400
    Beneficiary: Las Mañanitas HOA
    Beneficiary Address: Carretera Federal Libre Transp Km 28.5, Costa Azul, Los Cabos, BCS 23406
    US Dollar (USD) Account: 0110567604
    US Dollar (USD) Clabe: 012040001105676043
    Mexican Pesos (MXN) Account: 0110567574
    Mexican Pesos (MXN) Clabe: 012040001105675743
    Note:  Most forms for initiating Wires include a section called "Transmission Notes" or other field to express an escrow or other reference number.  Include your name and seven-digit account number, which can be found on your billing statement, coupon book or your Account page on our TownSq site. (See "Using TownSquare" if you need help logging in.)

Paying In Mexican Pesos (MXN)

HOA fees are charged in US dollars (USD).  We prefer you pay in USD, using one of the 5 methods specified above.  But Mexican pesos are legal tender here, and we do accept payment in MXN if wired or e-transferred (#5) or delivered by check locally (#4).

To calculate the correct number of pesos, use the latest official exchange rate available here (and shown in the screenshot below).  Take the number under the "FIX" field near the top, center and multiply it by the HOA Fees expressed in USD to calculate the number of pesos to pay:

Dollars to Pesos

If you have any questions or problems email Associa Billing and Collections at bc@associamexico.com or contact the Community Manager.