This page is "Under Construction" and will evolve during 2022.  We'll start with links to copies of the existing rules.  During the year, I'll port them into this site as web-based (HTML) content so that our "site search" function will make it easier for Owners and Renters to find relevant rules when they have a question.  

Sometimes you'll hear reference to "the rules" that guide or limit the use of condominiums at Las Mañanitas.  While that might refer to "rules and regulations" included with the original Regime declarations ("Regime Rules"), most of the time it refers to the "Administrator Rules" -- which are the rules adopted by a majority of Owners at the annual Assembly -- or to the Architecture Committee policies and procedures governing remodeling work ("Architecture Rules").

Administrator Rules

Architectural Committee

Summaries and Handouts

Because the entire set of rules is so long, the HOA Board has created some special-purpose summaries and handouts, as follows: