All Units within Las Mañanitas need to have a "Property Manager" to perform the duties listed below.  If Owners are full time residents, they can serve as their own Property Manager, but most Owners hire a professional Property Manager to provide the service(s) listed below.

Property Managers should be "Approved" by the HOA to do work within Las Mañanitas.  See "Approved Property Managers" below

*Note: While a Property Manager is frequently knowledgeable about real estate, they may or may not also serve as a Contractor, Realtor or Rental Agent -- roles defined elsewhere.


The Property Manager's duties are defined by your contract with them (which should be in writing!).  They include some or all of these items:

  • Payment of real estate taxes and utilities
  • Securing the property before or after any storms, inducing deploying hurricane screens as needed.
  • Arrange for repairs as needed.
  • Arrange for periodic preventative or other maintenance (e.g., air conditioning)
  • Advise or arrange for improvements, renovations, painting, etc.
  • Schedule and supervise the timeliness, cost and quality of repair, maintenance and other services.
  • [Approve and pay for repair or maintenance services.]
  • Recommend, arrange, supervise and/or pay other service providers needed or desired by the Owner.
  • With respect to rentals, see Rental Agent services.

Approved Property Managers

"Approved" does not mean "recommended!"  It just means they have been through orientation and they are serving other Owners.

Legally, Owners may use any Property Manager they want, provided everyone observes the Administrators' Rules.

As a service to Owners, the Community Manager keeps a list of those Property Managers used by other Owners who have been through an orientation program at Las Mañanitas.  The orientation is to make sure they know the infrastructure (e.g., where the water cutoff value for their Unit is), the Rules and the way to coordinate services with the front gate and Security.

The following Property Managers are approved for work within Las Mañanitas:

  • Beatriz Iglesias
  • Betty de la Toba
  • Cabo Bound Services
  • Casago
  • Chris and Onelly Antigua
  • Curtis MacFarlane
  • Hugo Ruiz
  • Isaac Arco
  • Laura Tinoco
  • Lisa Bradley
  • Lupita Fernandez
  • María Marrón
  • Marco Hernandez
  • Michael Aviani
  • Ocean Pacific
  • Paradise Services
  • Leopoldo Ireta Castro ("Polo")
  • Ramon Mendoza
  • Rubens Alquicira
  • Top Shelf Services