Fiber Optic Internet For ALL Las Mañanitas Units

Some Units have internet access using the originally installed COPPER wires.  Copper infrastructure is limited and throttles users to speeds slower than most people want.

Other Units have FIBER OPTIC cables, which support much higher internet speeds.

Recently, some Owners wanted to upgrade from copper to fiber optic, and they asked, "How do we do that?"  The answer is "You or your property manager must order the faster service from Telmex; they will then install it."

At least one Owner (a recent purchaser in Phase II) and his property manager have gotten the runaround from Telmex.  He has been trying for months, but not getting any results.  The Owner asked for help from the HOA.

Technically, this is not a service provided by the HOA.  All the HOA does is let Telmex into the utility closet when they want to upgrade the service.  Telmex connects a junction box (see picture below) to their network and then runs the fiber optic cable up thru the utility shaft and connects it to the Unit.

Here's the connection in the utility closet:

The Telmex fiber optic service is "split" into individual circuits for each Unit at these junction boxes in each Phase.

So what happened?  Why did Telmex ignore the new Owner and his property manager requesting service?  Well, Telmex said that the junction box was "full."  In order to provide another circuit for fiber optic service, they'd need to install another junction box.  They implied they didn't want to do that because it wasn't available ... or it was too expensive; they weren't clear.  The property manager objected but seemed to accept the excuses.

That is not acceptable!  Telmex is a public utility and must provide service.  That said, we know how bureaucracies can be, even when you are right.  So what can we do?  How can this Owner get the service he wants?

Well, our Community Manager David Alanis has a good relationship with Telmex because a) the HOA is a medium-sized customer, b) we give Telmex excellent cooperation for installations and maintenance on our 106 Units, and c) David's wife, Kenia, owns a property management company (Cabo To Do) with excellent Telmex contacts.

So here's the game plan.  This is how the HOA is going to help Owners who want to improve their internet service.

  1. Send out a request to all Owners to place an order with Telmex for internet service that requires fiber optic cables.  This includes fast internet, e.g., 200mb; or internet + telephony; and/or including various media packages, too (e.g., Netflix).  See the Telmex website.  Your Property Manager can help with placing that order.
  2. The Owner must have their Property Managers involved -- maybe even having the PMs place the order.
  3. The PM or the Owner will send David information about the order, preferably in the form of a confirmed order.  We would like to get by May 5th.
  4. With all the orders in hand, David will physically go to the Telmex office and try to get their commitment to add junction boxes so that Telmex can fulfill those orders (by installing fiber into each of the Units who ordered.)
  5. David will coordinate with the PMs with regard to the installation.

Step 4 -- when David goes to Telmex -- will work best if he has many orders.  The more, the better.

Therefore, please upgrade your internet service to fiber optic service now (if you have any inclination to do so).  It will not only make your experience better, it will help your neighbor get better service, too.