Neighbors consider adding garden gates on Phase II Ground Floor Units

Sue Seamon, one of the Owners of 3105, asked about adding a small gate at the top of the steps down to the pool. That way, their dog won't wander outside of their terrace/private garden area.  Because this is an owner-requested upgrade that affects common area, Owners must bear the cost, although the Architectural Committee retains jurisdiction to approve the design, materials, etc.

Coordinating through the HOA, Sue shared the idea with the other ground floor units in Phase II.  Because of the unique design and size, the gates will have to be custom-made. Sue, her husband Phil Serrins and our Community Manager David Alanis will try to find a supplier and get a cost estimate/quote, and they believe that the price per gate will fall significantly depending on the number of gates ordered.  So, they wondered if their neighbors might want to "opt in" on a project to "ADD Garden Gates" to their properties, with each Unit bearing its own expense.

Each Unit Owner will make a cost/benefit decision.  The benefit to each unit would be an enhanced property value because the unit would be dog-safe and/or more private.  (The gate would make it clearer that the "yard"  just off the terrace was private.)  The cost would be the out-of-pocket cost for the gate and installation.

The HOA will support this effort by doing the following:

  1.  It will establish a "group email" with the five Unit Owners in the group.
  2. The Owners have "opted in" on a preliminary basis so that Sue knows the total number of gates to bid.  The Owners won't be committed until step 4 below.
  3. David will work with Sue and the Architectural Committee to get a final design and cost quotation.
  4. Sue will circulate the quote to the Owners who will confirm their interest.  The Owners who opt-in will coordinate how to handle the payments with Sue.
  5. The supplier will make the gates, get Sue's approval that they meet the specification and install them.

Here is Unit 3105 and the opening where a gate could go:


For future reference, here are pix of the other areas of neighboring units where gates might be placed.