LM welcomes new Financial Advisory Committee members

In furtherance of our mission "to secure a safe, SOUND, beautiful, comfortable community," the Board asked financially sophisticated Owners to volunteer for a new Financial Advisory Committee to advise on various technical and financial issues.

Ron Sharp, Andy Anderson and Dale Johannesen agreed to serve.

In March, Ron and Andy advised the board on the scope of the formal Financial Statement Review that the HOA commissioned by an outside CPA firm.  They and Dale will get copies of the formal report from the CPA, along with the "Management Letter" that evaluates the adequacy of the financial controls the HOA uses to manage its financial matters.

"I'm a big fan of ad hoc committees of volunteers, each contributing small amounts of time but large amounts of value owing to the skill and experience they bring," said President Wayne Willis.  "Andy, Ron and Dale have the formal training and experience with CPA-led audits and reviews.  They have been very helpful in advising the Board and getting the most value from our CPA."

Following the maxim that "sunshine is the best disinfectant," Treasurer Jerome Rose plans to get the views from this Committee semi-annually regarding our finances and procedures.

Our thanks to this Committee and all the other committees of Owners who improve the life of our Las Mañanitas community.