Las Mañanitas Launches A Social Committee

Two recently arrived Owners -- Nina Barber and April Serrins -- are bringing decades of experience from Viva, a small condominium community on the beach about 300 meters east of us.  They have agreed to lead a new "Social Committee," starting with creating some informal ways to connect.

"Social" starts with strong COMMUNICATIONS

"After an informal poll, we’ve determined that the first step in enhancing our community is to literally improve pathways of connection," said co-chair Nina Barber.  "We found [at Viva] that simply sharing information within a closed Facebook group or on a bulletin board in the laundry room was a great way to connect."

Facebook Groups.  The co-chairs have created two Facebook groups, one for "Owners only" and one called "Las Mañanitas Chat" intended for everyone -- renters, family, and guests as well as Owners.  The co-chairs will moderate the groups The purpose of the groups will be to share information of a social (not administrative) nature.

Social Committee Email Newsletter List.   Even though most social activities will be physically on-site, we do need an email list for people who want to hear about events or other social activities via email.  All Owners will automatically be added to this list, but they can unsubscribe at any time.  Also, they are encouraged to forward the Social Committee emails to their renters, family and guests.

Bulletin Board.  There's nothing like a good ole bulletin board where flyers, invitations, announcements and things like couches for sale (complete with tear-off phone numbers!) can be posted.  At Viva, the laundry room was the central location.  At Las Mañanitas, the gym area is the best alternative, and we the Social Committee is making arrangements to have one ordered and installed.

Get Involved!  "We want to encourage participation," said co-chair Nina Barber.  "This means, from time to time, you may want to participate on an organizing committee or be more involved as a representative from your building.  If you have ideas or input please feel free to reach out to either  of us at or"