Mexico Tightens Anti-Smoking Law

from Gringo Gazette

And it’s really tough now. As of January 15, it is forbidden to smoke in restaurants, (even outdoors), malls, private ballrooms, beaches, parks, sports stadiums, movie theaters, live concerts, amusement parks, hotels, schools, workplaces, government offices, medical facilities and public transportation.

If you are in a restaurant and go out to smoke, you must be 10 yards away from the entrance and ventilation equipment. You are stuck to smoking at private properties like your home or your friends’.

Last but not least, packs of cigarettes for sale must not be visible, so store chains like OXXO have covered them with black curtains (as shown here).

OXXO has to hide cigarettes for sale.
Photo courtesy of El Independiente

Implications for Las Mañanitas

Rule 3 of the Administrator's Rules is till in place --   basically, you can ONLY smoke inside your Unit or your car and in the designated BBQ areas.

The new Mexican law prohibits smoking on the beach and "places of public gathering" ... even hotels!  We aren't sure whether it extends into the common areas of Las Mañanitas or not, and we have to get a legal opinion.  (See endnote.)

In the meantime, it's "steady she goes" -- Rule 3 will be enforced as is.

Note:  Will this apply to Las Mañanitas?  Legal advice being sought.

Article 65 Bis.- It is prohibited for any person to consume or have lit any tobacco or nicotine product in collective gathering spaces.

The following are considered spaces for collective gathering, in accordance with the provisions of article 6, section X Bis, of the Law: patios, terraces, balconies, amusement parks, playgrounds or places where girls remain or congregate, children and adolescents, urban development parks, sports parks, beaches, shows and entertainment centers, courts, stadiums, arenas, shopping malls, markets, hotels, hospitals, health centers, medical clinics, places or places of religious worship, places of consumption or service of food or beverages, transportation stops, and other spaces established by the Secretariat in terms of the Law, this Regulation and other applicable legal provisions.


  1. Just as a comment and information, Mykonos Condominiums down the beach have declared that their property including common area is Private therefore smoking is permitted in their common areas. We may want to seek legal advice so we can keep the bbq areas as the designated spot before we have people smoking in condos.

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