Who’s That On Phase II’s Roof?

Not Santa Claus.  Not the Fiddler.   But David Alanis and contractors from three different companies:

  • Keffer Roofing
  • Caselin Air Conditioning
  • AV Audio & Video

For those who missed the annual Assembly, the Phase II roof, which has had some chronic leaking problems of late, needed a complete overhaul / resealing.  The Assembly authorized using some of our Reserves to invest in a new roof and an upgrade of some shared services supporting satellite TV and the increased demand for IP TV.

First, The Air Conditioners

The project plan called for significant coordination.  First Caselin AC had to remove all the condensers that were in the way of the roof itself.  Here's the before, after and all the condensers stored out of the way:


Because these AC systems are privately owned by Unit Owners in Phase II, our Community Manager arranged for an independent company to inspect them and measure the levels of refrigerant.  Our contract with Caselin requires that they return the condensers to their assigned positions after the renovation work on the roof is done.  As a courtesy, Caselin has given estima5es to Owners of air conditioning systems that require some maintenance or recharging of refrigerant.  Owners are free to accept, reject or use alternatives.


Here you can see some of the degraded conditions on the roof.  All this old material will be removed prior to resealing.  (Those who are in residence in Phase II now can hear the intermittent banging!!)

Condition today
No way the area at the top is watertight!~
Definitely needs attention!

Especially given that Phase II has a flat roof, it's imperative that the sealant on the roof be absolutely water tight.  After close evaluation, Mr. Alanis selected a top-of-the-line sealant that will withstand the ravages of the intense sun, salt air and occasional rain -- a sealant backed by a 10-year warranty and by the contractor doing the installation.   For those of you who don't know, Mr. Alanis was the project manager for Amarado, A.C.,  the original developer of Las Mañanitas, and he is intimately familiar with all aspects of the construction of the buildings.

Television in the 2020s

The overhaul of the Phase II roof has given the Board and the Community Manager an opportunity to rationalize some shared services for Owners who prefer to get their TV signals from satellite feeds.  By investing in satellite dishes that are well-secured against hurricanes and capacious enough to serve our requirements, the "cable cutters" who want satellite TV  can get it and the dishes will not be an eyesore like they are in other condominiums.

The satellite dishes are shown at the far end; distribution cables in the foreground
Junction box for services to lower floors
Dishes and transponders

Onward to Phase III and Phase I

As soon as the contractors are finished their work in Phase II, they will move immediately to Phase III and execute a plan there which is nearly identical to the Phase II plan.  (Phase III has a flat roof, too.)

Later this year, Phase I roofing will get some attention, too.  Because the sloped roofs in Phase I are in better shape than Phases II and III, the work on Phase one will be more "maintenance" and "tuneup" than "overhaul."   But they also will get a full review of satellite TV service.