Reconsidering Pet Policy at Las Mañanitas

Pets make wonderful companions but sometimes inconsiderate neighbors.   According to our Security team, pets and excessive noise are the leading causes of complaints.

Pet policy was the only issue that was debated at the November Assembly, and it seems to be a source of neighbor-neighbor conflict.  Accordingly, the Board is asking a blue-ribbon commission composed of representative Owners to review all the policies at Las Mañanitas related to pets.


  1. The mission of the Las Mañanitas HOA is to secure a safe, sound, beautiful, comfortable community.  See the Mission Statement for a discussion of goals and how we measure them.
  2. Las Mañanitas ("LM") has experienced pets as a source of neighbor to neighbor conflict.  It was the only issue debated at the Assembly.  That compromised both our "Comfortable" and "Community" goals.    Generally speaking:
    • LM is seen by some owners as hostile to pets and prior administrations as “unwilling to listen.”
    • Some owners support the current rules and appreciate the decisions and decisiveness of prior administrations.
    • Because both above are present at LM, there is a lack of community consensus and resultant discord regarding pets at LM.
  3. Selectively enforced rules or practically unenforceable rules breed cynicism, distrust and a breakdown of social norms. (That further affects both the “Comfortable” and “Community” goals.)
  4. The goal of our rules and rule-making should be clear, broadly accepted rules, where violations are rare, nearly always detected and consistently enforced.  
  5. Further, the rule-making process should be transparent, inclusive, respectful and designed to build consensus and normative compliance rather than relying heavily on statutory enforcement.  (That said, the statutory language must be tight and available for the occasional scofflaw.  My point is that any rules have to be seen as “legitimate” – an unambiguous expression of the will of the Community.)

Action: Establish a Blue Ribbon Commission

  1. The Board has established a Blue-Ribbon Commission of 5 respected owners to review the LM Pet Policy.  Ed Aizen, Joan Houx, Rob Brewer, Donna Manning and Daniel Cook (Chair) have agreed to serve.  David Alanis to serve ex-officio.   
  2. Members were chosen for wisdom, judgment, open-mindedness, communication skills, and a reputation within the community for sober judgment and fairness.   They will seek comment and input from everyone.

Charge: Propose Any Recommended Modifications or Restatements of the Rules Related To Pets for Action By Board or Owners

  1. Report and recommendation
  2. Actual draft of proposed Rule change, if any, plus
  3. Case for: and
  4. Case against: 


The Commission will establish its own timeline.  It may propose actions that can be taken nearly immediately by the Community Manager or Board.  If action is required at the Assembly, here is a representative timeline:

  1. February: Recruit members; get organized
  2. March-May: Commission work
  3. June-July: Process proposals, drafts, get comments
  4. September 1: Submit any materials required for the early-November Assembly.  (The HOA Bylaws specify a 45-day notice period for the Assembly, so the Community Manager  and Board will send out materials on or about September 15th.)

Stay tuned for any further announcements.  Please feel free to state your views (or wish to participate) to any of the Commission members directly, in the comments below or on the Contact Us form here.  That way, the Commission can be sure to get your input.