Should We Refine Pickleball Lines?

OK, the new tennis court surface has gone in.  See More Pickleball Courts for Las Mañanitas.   The lines for the two pickleball courts are superimposed in yellow over the tennis lines in white. Take a look:

One of two pickleball courts. Some tennis players are unhappy with the yellow sidelines of the pickleball court being inside the "service areas" of the tennis court.

Here is the schematic showing actual measurements of all the courts -- the tennis court and the two pickleball courts.

This is the way the court is lined today

Notice the limited space (90 inches / 2.3m / 7.5 feet) between the ends of the pickleball courts and the walls of the tennis area.  That's tight.

There's about 240 inches / 6.1m / 20 feet on each side of the pickleball courts; that's plenty of space.

This layout creates a slight ambiguity for tennis players receiving serve because the side court lines on the pickleball court (shown in red) are slightly inside the service area of the tennis court defined with black lines.  See the area with yellow highlighting below:

The tennis players recommend that the pickleball lines be moved as shown below.  That moves clears up the service area:

This is the recommended new layout

The clearance on the ends of the pickleball courts remains the same (90 inches), but the side clearances are reduced to 10 feet.  Worse, the clearances at the corners are only about 6 feet.

We will seek professional input about the safety of the reduced clearances (including the 7.5 feet behind the end line) and submit everything to the Board for a final decision.   See especially section 2A of the official Pickleball Rules re: minimum court size.

Other Layouts (from Google Image Search)

This probably wouldn't work at Las Mañanitas -- not enough space behind the endlines.
tennis court with pickleball pinehurst
This is interesting -- having the centerline of the pickleball court on the service line of the tennis court. If the black lines were yellow, it might be confusing, though.