The Beginning of a Landscape Committee?

[Updated from original July, 2022 draft to reflect a new name -- LANDSCAPE (not "Landscaping") Committee.]

Managing our botanical heritage here at Las Mañanitas is the only one of the major operational areas that the HOA farms out to outside vendors.  We have one company with the specialized equipment to maintain the palm trees.  And we have another to maintain the grounds.

We wanted to see what would be involved if we brought landscape maintenance "in house."  Sure, we'd have to buy some equipment -- mowers and on on.  And the workers would have to be knowledgeable and skilled.

David and I called for an initial "organizational meeting" to form a "Landscape Committee" and asked around for people who had experience with Las Mañanitas landscaping or landscaping in general.  Jim Brighton (201) has significant professional experience with landscape architecture and landscape maintenance, and Anne Creaser, as chair of our Architectural Committee, has heard the views of the Owners about ... the views.   Bruce Handloff indicated that he's interested but that was after the only meeting we've had so far.  And Daniel Cook recently indicated an interest, too.

The initial meeting was held in June, 2022.   Here is a "planning document" I crafted for discussion.  I edited it after the meeting to incorporate the views of Jim, Anne and David Alanis.

Frankly, what needs to happen now is the COMPLETION of item #1, creation of a Planning Map.  My fantasy: some student interested in horticulture spending a week or two here getting this work done for a small intern-sized stipend.  If you have any ideas, use contact us to let me know.