Forming A Plan for 2022

My background includes being asked to step into and lead small and medium-sized organizations at a senior level.  I've developed a playbook I'll use here as a way to form a 2022 Plan for Las Mañanitas.  It's based on a methodology taught in business school called "Management By Objectives" or MBO.

The MBO Pyramid

My approach to MBO is to start with the big picture -- "What is your Mission or Vision?"   Let's call this the 30,000-foot view.  Where are we going?  Why?  To what purpose?   Here I create a draft answer to those questions.  See if you agree!

Next is "Goals and Objectives" ... clear statements of precisely What we are trying to accomplish.  "Goals" are the longer-term targets and "objectives" are interim milestones achieved while working toward the goals.  Let's call this the 20,000-foot level.   Later in this post, I propose some goals that embrace what most Owners want (I think).

Below that are "Programs, Projects and Initiatives" or PPIs.  They are simply ways to organize and talk about a constellation of related activities.   For example, Las Mañanitas "Programs" include things like preventative maintenance on elevators or the cleaning staff completing their checklist, on time and on spec.   "Projects" include things like re-doing the roof on Phase II or overhauling the placement and number of security video cameras.  Evaluating new ideas, like solar power for the pools or creating pickleball courts, are examples of "Initiatives."  PPIs are at the 10,000 foot level of management planning and visibility.

And of course, the rubber hits the road at "Tasks" -- where the work gets done.  Ground level.

How does it all fit together?  Well, the Plan starts with understanding our mission and the goals/objectives we want to accomplish.  It then specifies the PPIs that are likely to take us to ... or at least toward ... those goals/objectives.   Then we execute the tasks that comprise the PPIs.  Then evaluate and adjust -- a.k.a., "rinse and repeat."

So, that's how MBO leads to a PLAN.   If you want to see the final 2022 plan, see HOA Adopts Final 2022 Plan.