HOA Adopts 2022 Plan

The Las Mañanitas HOA is a $1.2m USD operation overseen by a volunteer Board, volunteer committees and a paid staff led by our Community Manager, David Alanis.  That is, our resources are very limited.

The HOA relies on the support of the Owners to keep our community safe, sound, beautiful and comfortable ... all at a reasonable cost..  Because our resources are limited (and the pace of business activity here is slower), we ask for your understanding if our ambitions are modest and for your patience if our deadlines get extended.

That said, your HOA has organized its 2022 Plan in three major themes, each with several components.  (See this outline tool to explore it and this 60-second explainer video on how to use the tool.   There's also a 5-minute explainer video drilling into the plan in more detail.)

2022 Plan - Final

  1. Better Business As Usual
    • Review all financial controls and reports  (self-explanatory)
    • Verify all documentation  (it's likely all here, but needs to be indexed or organized)
      • Ensure all charter documents filed in MASTER files (in both languages; verify signed and current)
      • Ensure compliance with all BCS and MX laws(updated copies in both languages)
      • Create Policy & Procedure manual for staff (primarily for efficiency and cost savings)
    • Review and renew all insurance coverage (ensure coverage per specs in Regime documents or better)
      • Property (hurricane, flood, earthquake, fire)
      • Liability (personal injury, private property loss)
      • Other
    • Review Security systems
      • Gate control
      • Security patrol
      • Video surveillance
      • Emergency protocols
    • Review Maintenance systems
      • Railings renewal - all phases
      • Phase II roof repairs
      • Phase III roof repairs
      • Phase I roof review
      • Others as the year progresses
    • Review Cleaning systems
    • Review Landscaping systems
    • Review Pool systems
  2. Better Communications
    • Create/improve website
    • Consider newsletter
    • Ensure Bulletins are read timely
  3. Decide Community
    • Conduct a comprehensive survey; feedback results
    • Enable improved inter-Owner communications
    • Empower ad hoc Committees to advance thoughtful plans and recommendations for Board and/or Assembly consideration
    • Decide about building new Garages
    • Consider other Projects