Annual Assembly Livestreamed on Zoom This Year!

The Annual Assemblies of the HOA and the three Las Mañanitas Phases will be held on Saturday morning, November 5, 2022, at 9:00 AM, MPT (Mexican Pacific Time).  Normally, MPT is the same as "Mountain Time" but on November 5th this year, MPT will be the same as "Pacific Time."  (This happens when daylight savings time ends earlier in Mexico than it does in the US.)

Because the Assemblies are by invitation only to Owners of Units in Las Mañanitas, you need to sign-up in advance.  Zoom will send a personalized link to the meeting.

"Making sure we hear from ALL Owners -- even those who are here only part-time --  is really important," said Wayne Willis, President of the HOA.  "All of us learned how to 'work remotely' during the pandemic.  So this year, we want Owners who can't travel to the meetings to participate as fully as they can."

Date: Saturday, Nov. 5th

Time: 9:00 AM (Pacific)

Register in advance, please

This will be the first time that the Las Mañanitas HOA tries to hold a "hybrid meeting" -- in person AND live-streamed.  Community Manager David Alanis, HOA President Wayne Willis and the A-V service providing the mics, speakers and cameras for the live meetings have tested all the components.  But when there is a full load on the wi-fi hookup and multiple users, technical limitations may surface.  According, no guarantees can be made that this experiment will work.

"I love the idea that the HOA can support broad participation by augmenting our in-person meetings with Zoom," said Willis.  "Right now, Mexican law severely limits voting and other participation over video-conferencing.  But if this works, and if it's valuable to our Owners, then I can envision perhaps amending our bylaws to allow for remote discussions and decisions."

So, go ahead and register now.  No worries if you can't make it when the day comes: At least you'll have the link and can easily join if your schedule allows. (So register now!)