Why Have This Website?

Why have a website?   And who is it for? After all, we have TownSq already.

My primary audience is Owners of Units in Las Mañanitas.  I want a single source of truth for everything an owner will need in his relationship with the HOA and the broader Las Mañanitas community.

  • Legal Documents - the Regimes, the "constitution" of the HOA, the bylaws, etc,
  • The Rules - the Administrator's Rules, the Architectural Control Committee processes and all related policies, procedures, forms, etc.
  • Online Forms - e.g., applying to the Architectural Control Committee for permission to do something visible from the outside of a Unit.
  • Accounting; Payments; Receipts; Financial Statements; Board Minutes - this information will be housed on our TownSq site for now; the "access control" (requiring that you login) will protect privacy.
  • References; Resources - e.g., a list of commonly needed phone numbers or addresses.
  • Blog - e.g., these will be topical or time-sensitive news items meant for edification or entertainment

This site is UNDER DEVELOPMENT. Be patient as it builds. The watchwords are "Interative Improvement"

- Las Mañanitas Board

A secondary audience is Residents.  "Residents" include anyone who is residing here - owner-occupants, tenants, guests, friends and family, etc.  As we launch and build this website, we will add content that Owners need first, but may add content for Residents as we go.

Privacy; Access Control

Initially, the site will not be restricted.  Because all payment, accounting, financial statements and board reports will be on TownSq (which requires an owner's account to log in), we won't require an account here.  I'm not sure, yet, how "comments" and things like "discussion forum" or "surveys (polls)" will work.  But we'll figure that out as we go.  At some point, we may need to make this a "membership site" at least for the owner-sensitive information.

Organization Of The Site; How To Find Stuff

There will be dropdown MENU across the top with links to key resources, and a blog page with "posts" in reverse chronological order.      You can also use the SEARCH function in the sidebar.