Note to Darlene and others helping build this page:

  • This page is not generally visible while we build it.  Once it's ready, we'll add it to the main menu, under the Resources menu item.
  • Here's the plan:
    • First, recognize that Restaurant information is very dynamic -- they come and go, change menu and prices, change hours, etc.  Therefore, we should try to LINK to the most up-to-date information -- either their website or, more likely, a Google Map entry for them.   I'm going to use the Google MY MAPS feature (example below) to do this.
    • Secondly, create a LIST of nearby restaurants.  Here is a google spreadsheet where we can add information dynamically -- admin access only.
    • Third, create some way to FILTER or otherwise select restaurants of interest.   If we can help them filter it down to a handful of considerations, they can make a final choice easily
  • To add value for our Las Mañanitas users, we need to do one or more of these four things to the list of all restaurants:
    • CURATE the list, and not put anything terrible that we  can't recommend on the list (or at least "flag" it as "not recommended");
    • ADD LINKS of value, e.g, to trip advisor or to the restaurant's website;
    • TAG the restaurant with whatever dimensions we think is useful (cuisine, price, ambiance, star-rating)
    • ADD RECOMMENDATIONS from other Las Mañanitas Owners -- this will be hardest thing to manage; let's talk.
  • I think the right way is to offer visitors two different user interfaces
    • A MAP -- like the one below that Debi is developing for, or
    • a SPREADSHEET they can download and use to sort/select as they wish

==== End of note to Darlene and others; now this is draft text of the page itself, using Debi's map as a placeholder until we can build our own  =======================

Owners who visit only periodically and renters who are new often ask, "What's a good restaurant nearby?"  Often they'd like to filter by cuisine (Asian, Mexican, Italian, etc.) and maybe expense (cheap, average, expensive) or ambiance (opulent, plain, take-out-ish).

We have created a list of nearby restaurants and offer two ways to see them -- a spreadsheet you and download and sort/filter if you know how.  Or use this map, and be sure to click on this icon to open the map