Navigating governmental processes in Mexico can be daunting, and it's not uncommon to engage with someone who can help.   Obviously, if the issue is one requiring a lawyer, you should hire a credentialled Mexican attorney.

But if the issue is mainly compliance, registration, certification, etc., then an experienced non-lawyer can help.  While you can think of these people as having "paralegal training," they normally are not degree professionals.  They have worked in the offices of attorneys, realtors, insuance agents or sometimes for the state or federal governments in Mexico.

Here are the common types of services needed (and rendered):

  • Immigration - Relying on tourist visas for visits can get annoying, and it is relatively easy to get either a permanent resident visa or a temporary resident one.  Benefits include an ID card (the "CURP") that makes most other processes easier.  For example, you can go to the shorter "Mexican" line at the airport immigration area, and you need it to open a bank account at most banks.
  • Tax Forms (esp. RFC) - As Mexico tightens up its financial reporting requirements, the tax authorities (the "SAT") are demanding that people register their formal fiscal activities with them.  The most important of these forms is the RFC, and you'll need help getting it.
  • Automobile Registrations - if you buy a car here and register it in BCS, getting help with the annual registration and license plates is very useful.
  • Real Estate Taxes.  Paying the annual real estate taxes is most often done by your Property Manager, but you can do it yourself or get paralegal help to do it.

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