OOMSAPAS Announces a 36% Rate Hike for 2023

Last year, our HOA spent almost $100,000 USD on water.  The bulk of that goes to the pools and to landscaping.  On August 29, 2022, our Community Manager met with OOMSAPAS regarding our request to adjust one of the water meters.  And he was told that our rates will go up 36% next year!  Yes, it will be phased in over a few months, but by September the full impact will be felt.

We all knew this was likely to happen.  The Solar Committee talked about it at their first meeting.  See "Should Las Mañanitas be Solar-Powered?"   The signs are all around us. See, especially, "Water, Water Everywhere, But …" -- an excellent summary article on all the efforts Los Cabos is making to deal with the lack of water and an exploding population.

We will talk about this at the November Assembly, for sure.  And clearly, the time has come for us to seriously consider investing in our own desalination capability.  See "Water Security – An interim report on desalination at Las Mañanitas"

Stay tuned.  In the meantime, buckle up for higher water rates.