Capture and Remove (Humanely)

The Los Cabos Humane Society (“LCHS”) will operate the program.

  1. LCHS provides the cages and bait, which they place in collaboration with Las Mañanitas Community Manager and Las Mañanitas Security staff.
  2. Las Mañanitas Security staff, in their morning patrols, will see if any cats were captured. If yes, they will notify LCHS, who will come and collect the caged cats.  If the cats are going to be stuck in the cages for a long duration or exposed to heat/sun, wind/rain or other adverse condition, Las Mañanitas staff will move and secure the animal humanely until LCHS arrives.
  3. All cats will be taken to the LCHS facility in Cabo San Lucas and tested.
    • Those who test positive for any diseases will be euthanized.
    • The remaining healthy cats will be spayed or neutered.
    • Those who are suitable for adoption will be placed for adoption.
    • Those who might be Alpha cats will be evaluated for the Alpha Cat program.
    • All others will be released into the wild far from Las Mañanitas.