Green Light: COVID Numbers Down

On February 22nd, the Mexican Government moved us from Orange to Green.  This is the first time BCS has been in condition "bajo" (low) COVID risk since the Spring of 2020.  On March 17, ALL Mexican states are now Green.  Some states, e.g., Quintana Roo (Cancun), have dropped mask mandates, but the BCS mask mandate remains.  You'll need a mask to shop at La Comer and other indoor shops.

Here's a recent summary from Mexico News Daily with details.

Mexico solid green on coronavirus risk map, some mask restrictions eased

Hospital occupancy is 97% lower than at the pandemic's peak

All 32 federal entities are now low risk green on the federal government’s coronavirus stoplight map after the risk level was downgraded from medium yellow in Querétaro.

The federal Health Ministry said that a sustained reduction in case numbers and hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients allowed the risk level across the whole country to be set at low for the two-week period between March 21 and April 3.

It said in a statement Sunday that new cases declined 38% last week compared to the previous week, and that the hospital occupancy rate was 97% lower than the pandemic peak.

Just 10% of general care beds in COVID wards are taken, while 5% of those with ventilators are in use, the ministry said.

There are currently 14,535 estimated active cases across Mexico, with the highest number per capita in Aguascalientes (45 per 100,000 people), Baja California Sur and Mexico City.

As of Tuesday, face masks will no longer be mandatory in Quintana Roo's outdoor public areas.
As of Tuesday, face masks will no longer be required in Quintana Roo’s outdoor public areas.

Mexico’s accumulated case tally is 5.63 million after 901 new infections were reported Sunday, while the official COVID-19 death toll increased by 20 to 322,092.

The Health Ministry also reported that over 85.5 million people are vaccinated with at least one shot, a figure equivalent to two-thirds of Mexico’s population of approximately 126 million. The vast majority of those vaccinated – 80.7 million – are adults, with adolescents making up the remainder.

The easing of the fourth wave of the pandemic has led three states to drop mask mandates for outdoor areas. Following the lead of authorities in Coahuila and Nuevo León, Quintana Roo Governor Carlos Joaquín announced Sunday that the use of masks in outdoor public spaces will be optional starting Tuesday.

“It will not be obligatory to wear a face mask when you go out to exercise, when you’re on the beach or when you’re walking on the street,” he said in a video message posted to Twitter.

Joaquín said that the change wasn’t necessarily permanent, explaining that authorities will monitor the coronavirus situation during Holy Week. He noted that case numbers could increase in Quintana Roo at any time.

The governor stressed that masks are still required on public transport and in indoor settings such as offices, supermarkets and banks.

“We know that face masks provide protection. When you think you might be exposed, use it!” he said.

Mexico News Daily 

Update from BCS Government COVID Website

March 30, 2022