No Unattended Feeding

Rule 15 says “Pet food shall not be left outdoors so as to attract vermin.“

Reason:  Owners, guests or renters placing food outside of their units attracts cats and other fauna (mice, rats, Gila monsters, etc.).

Further, feeding such animals is not humane – it encourages exploding populations that become dependent on this food source and starve when the Owner, guest or renter leaves Las Mañanitas.

Third, it is anti-social – most residents come to Las Mañanitas to enjoy a quiet refuge with no nuisances.  Residents who feed these animals are trading the comfort and enjoyment of their neighbors for the enjoyment they get from feeding or watching the animals.  A large majority of the Las Mañanitas Community has decided they prefer peace and quiet over the benefits of being in a nature preserve, and they promulgated a rule to support that decision.  It has been in place for a long time.  The rule should be observed --- and enforced.

Steps the Community Manager is taking today:

  1. The Board will remind all Owners about the rule in the March 2022 newsletter.
  2. After the reminder goes out, the Security Patrols will be tasked with actively looking for infractions during routine patrols. Finding any, they will document same and report it.
  3. If any Owners see another resident violating the rule, he or she should report it to the Community Manager, who will confirm it.
  4. The penalty infraction will be $200, per infraction, minimum.
  5. All infractions will be reported in the monthly newsletter.