New: San Jose Beachfront Condos Group

The Presidents of the HOA Boards from Mykonos, El Zalate, Las Mañanitas, Viva, Las Olas, La Jolla and La Costa were invited to an "organizational meeting" of HOA leaders from condos along the beachfront in San Jose.  Four of the Treasurers also attended.

View of the San Jose Beachfront from Punto Palmilla to the Estuary

The goal was to give each HOA answers to questions like "What do other nearby Boards (especially Presidents) do when faced with similar situations?"

I'm a serial entrepreneur who has sometimes participated in trade groups that share "best practices" and other non-competitive information and resources.  It can be very helpful, and the other attendees were also quite enthusiastic.

At this inaugural meeting, after brief introductions to the people and the properties, the group discussed how they handle the key services (e.g., security, maintenance, cleaning, pools, landscaping, etc.)   The Presidents also reviewed some of the major projects they were working on for  2023 – 2024

The content of the discussions will remain confidential, of course, but it was clear that by sharing experiences, resources and different approaches, each of the HOAs will be able to make more sure-footed decisions at less cost and less risk.

The group agreed to meet periodically and continue the benchmarking and information-sharing processes begun at this inaugural meeting.