2023 Mexican 1000 Race and Las Mañanitas

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On May 5th, Las Mañanitas saw some unusual, short-term renters: drivers and crews who were finishing the Mexican 1000 race, a five-day, off-road effort across the desert from Ensenada all the way to San Jose del Cabo.  Click to enlarge and read the flyer on the right.

The race ended with a huge party next door at Club Campestre, with music, dancing, eating, drinking and general relief at successfully making all 1000 miles without catastrophe.

Earlier that day, there were huge traffic jams caused by the participants, spectators and crews, causing some local controversy in San Jose del Cabo itself.

There was also a bit of controversy at Las Mañanitas:  Some of the racers wanted to park their large pickups and the industrial trailers that transported the race vehicles in our parking lots.  After briefly blocking garages and taking up precious parking spaces, the racers dutifully complied with David's directives to move everything up to the locked gate next to Casago, out of the way.

The Regime Declaration specifically prohibits trailers, but the rule had not been publicized recently.  So, we decided to let 4 of the trailers park overnight by the locked gate at the northeast corner.  In the future, however, all trailers will be banned at the gate, without exception.  Owners who might rent their unit to race participants next year will need to warn them about finding other parking facilities:

For your reference, the Regime declaration states, in relevant part:


The areas of the Condominium destined for parking of motor vehicles, including Garages and parking spaces within the Common Areas (collectively referred to as "Parking Areas"), shall be used for parking motorized terrestrial vehicles designated and used primarily for non-commercial transportation: automobiles, golf carts, passenger vans designated to transport ten (10) or less persons, in motorcycles; and pick-up trucks with one-ton capacity or less, and golf carts (the "Authorized Vehicles"). It is hereby prohibited to park or store vehicles other than the Authorized Vehicles, including but not limited to: recreation vehicles (mobile units, campers, boats, etc.), commercial vehicles (trucks, garbage trucks, concrete trucks, etc.), buses or vans for more than ten (10) persons, trailers, inoperable vehicles or vehicle parts, air crafts, or any vehicle and vehicle equipment considered as an inconvenience to the Co-owners, unless specifically authorized by the Administrator; except for a vehicle that is (a) used or maintained within an area architecturally approved as established herein or (b) that is located or kept within an area camouflaged between the Condominium Units, streets or with an architecturally approved gate, as established herein, or (c) parked inside a Co-owner's Garage with the door closed, as long as its presence in the Condominium Unit dos not violate what is stipulated in these Rules and Regulations. Each authorized vehicle owned or operated by Co-owner or Occupant and located within the Condominium, shall he parked at the designated spaces for parking or Garage, to the extent allowed by the spaces. It is prohibited to carry out repairs, maintenance or restoration acts on any vehicle within the Condominium, except in the Garages with the doors closed, as long as said activities are not performed for business purposes and are not prohibited by the Administrator in the event the latter determines that they constitute an inconvenience. If the Administrator considers it appropriate, he/she can establish additional Rules with respect to the parking areas not designated to specific Co-owners, including but not limited to parking spaces, guess parking spaces, and no-parking areas, as well as to limit vehicle parking on the street or all night; and shall have the authorization to enforce the parking regulations and vehicle use applicable to the Condominium, including the faculties to tow away vehicles from any Condominium and to assess penalties to the Co-owners and Occupants who violate said Rules. The Co-owners can not perform anything that could somehow obstruct the Condominium streets; since these shall always be free and with no obstructions as a safety condition for vehicle use. No Co-owner or occupant may leave their vehicle(s) in an open outdoor parking spaces unattended or unused for a period greater than seven (7) days without written approval of the Administrator. Vehicles intended to be left unattended by an absentee Co-owner or occupant must be placed within a private garage or stored off the common property in a public storage

The participation of more than one hundred pilots from different parts of the world is expected.

From April 28 to May 5, this international car and motorcycle racing event will take place, said Eliseo García. Photo: Raúl Villalobos | The South Californian

by Raul Villalobos | The South Californian

Loreto, Baja California Sur. (OEM-Informex).-From April 28 to May 5, the international off-road car and motorcycle race, called Rally Mexican 1000, will be taking place on a route from Ensenada Baja California to San José del Cabo in Baja California Sur, to be fulfilled in the five days of competition, announced Eliseo García, representative of NORRA in Mexico.

The foregoing made them known during their stay in Loreto, over the weekend, when they were doing the tour and recording the route digitally, for the edition of the map of this competition, which generates a significant economic benefit throughout Baja Southern California, before, during and after the event.

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Eliseo García, who was accompanied by a group of expert off-road car and motorcycle racing drivers, added that for this edition that will be starting on April 30 in Ensenada Baja California, on this first day it will conclude in San Felipe.

On May 1, cover the route San Felipe Bahía de Los Ángeles, on the 2nd Bahía de Los Ángeles to Loreto, entering Baja California Sur, on May 3 Loreto La Paz and conclude on the 4th from La Paz to San José del Cabo, thus completing the challenge.

For the current edition of the Rally Mexican 1000, 2023, the participation of more than one hundred drivers from different parts of the world is expected, as well as the great figures who have shone in this sport in off-road races in the Baja.

During this tour we are recording through satellite equipment what is the route to be used, which we will be using for the edition of the race map, which is delivered to the competitors during the meeting prior to the event, to be loaded in their GPS equipment. .

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On May 2, the competition vehicles will arrive at this magical town of Loreto, where they spend the night, to continue on the 3rd towards the State capital, but during the stay of the participants there will be an exhibition of the cars in the area of the coastal promenade, as well as the party organized by local restaurants.

from El Sud Californiano - about traffic issues in San Jose del Cabo on 5 May.

Despite the fact that it was previously reported through the media and social networks of the General Directorate of Public Security, Preventive Police and Municipal Traffic (DGSPPPTM) about the partial closure of some roads in San José del Cabo as it is the headquarters municipality of the final stage of the "Norra Mexican 1000 Rally 2023" race, citizens complained about the traffic that was generated this Thursday, May 4.

Collapsed leaving the town of La Playa, due to the Norra event. If you don't have to go to San José del Cabo, don't even move. If you have a commitment, measure the water for the sweet potatoes,” said citizen Graciela T., after getting stuck in traffic for this reason.

He also added that he did not understand how it was possible that they allowed these events within the city (downtown San José del Cabo) and during rush hour. " In itself, the city is already collapsed due to traffic, add this to it."

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This is not the first time that discontent has been generated by a part of the Cabo population, since in other sporting events such as Ironman, dozens of citizens complained about the traffic that was generated by the use of a couple of lanes of the transpeninsular race , that is, the only free way to get to the Los Caobos International Airport from Cabo San Lucas, as well as the main roads of San José del Cabo, leaving tourists unable to reach their flights, among other problems.

Although the discontent is not widespread, since the events mentioned and others, although they do generate traffic, also generate economic benefits for the tourist destination, by receiving athletes, fans and those involved in the municipality, paying for hotel nights, consuming in restaurants, among other local businesses.

150 million pesos for Los Cabos stopped pouring out the Ironman. 70.3 last year, which took place from November 4 to 6 in the tourist municipality, Donna Jeffries Álvarez, municipal director of tourism, reported at the time.




April 19, 2023
¡Rally Alert!

2023 NORRA Mexican 1000 MOTOS/ATC & ATV Pit Mileage Map and Information Sheet.

Revised Format For 2023 Rally!

AGUA DULCE, CALIF. - The National Off Road Racing Association (NORRA) releases its Official Motos/ATC & ATV Pit Mileage Map for the 2023 YOKOHAMA NORRA MEXICAN 1000 Presented By Meyers Manx. Teams, racers and Safari adventure seekers are in the final weeks of preparation before arriving in Ensenada, Baja, Mexico for "The Happiest Race On Earth!". This year's special route includes technical challenges, amazing scenery and the opportunity for some new experiences.

The NORRA Mexican 1000 Motos/ATC & ATV Pit Mileage Map and Information Sheet is posted on norra.com for immediate download (see links below). The Pit Mileage overview map shows mileage for each daily stage, including specials and transits. Specific locations of the starting and finishing locations within stages are not specified in order to protect the course from prerunning. This increases the sense of adventure within the rally, and levels the playing field for new entries and race veterans alike. An online webinar to go over all details and address any questions or concerns will be held tomorrow Thursday, April 20 at 5PM (PT). A link will be sent separately.

Bikes/ATV, Cars/UTV & Safari (non-race) categories will receive all daily road books or roll charts (MOTO), and have GPS files loaded/checked each morning before the start of the daily stage. You can find details about start times in the forthcoming schedule of events PR release.

!!! In keeping with NORRA Rally tradition, teams participating in NORRA rallys are not allowed to pre-run per NORRA rules and regulations !!!