Gates on Phase II Ground Floor Egresses to Pool


Would you please recommend a SOURCE for aluminum gates that can be placed on Unit 3105, when it exits its "garden area" - pictured here.


Anne and the AC are in process of evaluating/approving a design of a gate, but she prefers that the material NOT be wrought iron (which is prone to rusting and staining the concrete).  Aluminum will be much more durable and won't impose high maintenance or replacement costs on Owners.

Please work with Anne re recommending a source for the new owners of the property. We might also be able to refer the company refinishing the railings in Phase I to color this gate in Las Mañanitas Dark Brown, too?)

For future reference, here are pix of the other gates. I'm thinking that some of the other ground floor Owners in Phase II might want to add a gate to their property so that dogs can enjoy the yard without running into the common area.


Because gates will all face the pool, I'm pretty sure the Architectural Committee will want either identical  or nearly identical designs on all gates.  So neighbors should be consulted.  (They may all want to order and get a quantity discount, too.)