The local impacts of climate change … and what YOU can do about it. 

Come join Dr. Jerry King, Ph.D, and leaders of Citizens’ Climate Lobby connect the science of climate to the observed weather and impacts here in Las Vegas .... and discuss some what we can do to avoid the worst.

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April 19th, 7:00 pm PDT

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You’ve read about how the climate is changing, and see the arguments about whether some of  the extreme weather we’ve seen recently is CAUSED by climate change or not.  Dr. Jerry King, Ph.D., explains the connections between climate and weather. for the non-scientist.

Adapted from a talk he gave to the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists. Dr. King summarizes what the latest science shows AND tell us what it’s likely to mean for Nevada.

It’s no surprise to hear that we face some negative trends.  What may surprise you about the science are the magnitudes and time frames: changes are both nearer and further than the conventional press portrays,

Dr. Joanne Leovy, MD and Wayne Willis, JD, MBA, will then address how we can best respond -- individually and collectively.  The other surprise is that there ARE some things we can do to reduce the coming damage.  And there are things to do to prepare for the things we can’t avoid.

The prepared remarks are about 40 minutes and the speakers will be available thereafter for Q&A.

April 19th, 7:00pm Pacific Time. Register for the event here.