A Directory of Owners For Las Mañanitas

On occasion, Owners ask the HOA for a "Directory" of their neighbors -- Names, unit number, email, phone, etc.  It doesn't exist.  Why?  And how do we get one?  It would be nice to have, no?

Mexican Law Protects Privacy

Mexican law has some privacy protections that restrict the HOA from revealing personally identifiable information unless the Owner affirmatively agrees.  In casual conversations, some Owners have told me that they don't mind being in a directory limited to other Owners, but they don't want their information shared further.

Ok, how can we handle that?  Well, a paper directory might work, -- perhaps a mini-phone book made available to Owners who are physically here.  Or, perhaps we could post it on TownSq.io behind the required login.   Or let's do both!

Owners or Residents?

Before we start, let's ask, "is this a list of OWNERS or a list of RESIDENTS?  Or both.   I think it should be "both" at least for now.   And the resulting directory should be restricted to those people only.

Opt-In To The Las Mañanitas Directory

I'm requesting that you affirmatively take two actions:

  1.  Fill out this short questionnaire with the information you approve, and
  2. Go into TownSq.io and update your user profile as shown in this video.